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When I play the game now I notice how shitty my choices are. Well not shitty, just solid. I've already been brewing a bunch of new tanks up (A BUNCH). Now the thing is, they can only be so different as far as how they act (speed, turning, projectiles).. There are really only 3 types of warheads in the game, low explosion (grenade) high explosion (m67 grenade) and Molotov fire.For coming versions this will seem a little benign (that may be a double negative idk) having only 3 warheads


Besides warheads there are 2 types of projectiles (3 if you count the anti-air rpg) bullets and missle types.


The goal is to have a number of projectiles to mix and macth with a number of warheads, which some warheads could have sub warheads, in which the player could have 100s maybe 1000s of possible ammunition to choose from when it comes to the tanks.  Some warheads could even react different to other warheads which in turn could create a new type of warhead (holy shit wtf am I talking about)


I haven't thought much of any projectiles just warheads at the moment. I'll read up a little more on some but here's a short list



Depleted uranium

High explosive



Chemical warheads (like anthrax)

Electro magnetic pulse (disable enemy vehicles temporarily)

Maybe even nuclear or radioactive


Now with all this being said, this will be a very carefully planned and executed concept. This is a feature that will truly make Dot Combat worth while. Once more tanks are added the only focus of the game development will be this system, the functionality of it, and the amount of customization that would come with it.


Some things I mention on these forums don't ever happen, but believe me.......

This is going to happen.



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