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A new version of Dot Combat will be up for download tonight. Not a whole lot new that could be done in 3 days but here is what it will have.


The loading game error should be fixed now, it may need further testing but it should be gone.

A new 24 hour day/night cycle.

The sniping system has been rewriiten and is faster.

All vehicles now have a light system that is activated by pressing "F" when inside.

The player can use a flashlight "F" (From previous version)

Night vision can be purchased and is activated by pressing "N"

The side menu contrast will change depending on the location (grass/white or snow/black)

The hour of day is on the side menu.


That pretty much sums up this version tonight with a few visual aspects, it was mainly just the light system.


Some good ideas have been brought foward by Laraso and some GMC Members. I plan on using many of them for the next update 0.90.02. Here is the list.


Discard the current clip and reload. (could be a win/lose)

Reloading will take different times for each weapon and a bar will appear while reloading

The mouse will recoil on different weapons.

Some items will take time to use (may take long time to code)

Helicopter Chaff to avoid incoming missles

Helicopters will take fuel

Preference option to invert controls

Be able to change the mouse light at the color change dot

Doubleing what experience kills give (may be trippled)




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