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Version 0.91.10

Posted by dotcombat on August 20, 2014 at 5:25 PM Comments comments (1)

New 3 point camera action

New infantry vendor and infantry upgrades

weapon upgrades are now much cheaper

Menus display a hover text

Pressing and holding "Q" on the battlefield will show items names

Chicken Eggs can be used to spawn chickens

Complete rewrite of the sound system (possible glitches)

Save game error should no longer occur

Game should no longer crash on windows 8 os

Added flares as a light source

More Preference options and more organized

A semi or auto mode for all weapons

Deleted lines of codes drawing vehicles twice (increases performance)

Improved Performance

BGM is now loaded per room saving room for cpu room for other loaded resources

Multiple sound replacements

New High quality particles (more to be replaced)

Game help temporally disabled

Day/Night cycles are now longer

New tent to cycle nights ALOT faster (player must collide with tent)

Fixed the color room bug (no problems yet)

Added 3 new tanks but are not yet implemented for the players use.


Version 0.90.02

Posted by dotcombat on September 21, 2013 at 6:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Game changes and features


Added a game speed preference option

Some helicopters have chaff (pressing "c" or "f" can't remember at the moment)

Helicopters will now take fuel in order to use

Change the color of the mouse light by right clicking in the color change room

Night vision is avaible at items menu

Reloading will take different times and will show a progress bar

Most items will take time to use and will show a progress bar

Exp has been tripled

Fixed command exp when deploying infantry

Fixed vehicle sound glitchs

Vehicle speed will no longer matter when exiting the vehicle

The Lav and Apc will deploy teammates

Vehicle projectiles will destroy when colliding with empty vehicles

Fixed loading bar

Changed tittle screen more


Known bugs


Inventory health bars will react to the condition of the players heatlh


Planned Features


A tent item to advance time 8 hours

Double the exp during night hours

Bring back surivelist with a different kind of twist

Tanks, tanks, and more tanks

Vehicle custumization

Updates the inventory